Our Team is open to:
  • Professional guides;
  • Government agency personnel working with our fisheries;
  • Professional tournament anglers;
  • Select college and high school anglers who are part of an official school team;
  • Industry professionals and legitimate media members;
  • People influential in the fishing community.
Some of what we look for in Pro Staff:
  • Active participation in the fishing community. Including active tournament fishing, valuable social posts or blogs, industry affiliation, etc.;
  • Maintain a positive, respectable appearance;
  • Used some of FISHINGSIR’s products and have the basic knowledge about fishing;
  • Motivation to be part of the Team FISHINGSIR and would enjoy growing with us.
How to join:
  • Click to join us in this page;
  • Our Pro Staff Director will check the applicants;
  • We will notify you to once you’re qualified and picked by our Pro Staff director;
  • All applications should be processed online.


Dustin Mues (Kayak_Dizz)
Dustin Mues (Kayak_Dizz)
State: Nebraska
Main Target Fish: Largemouth Bass
Best Record: 22”

I am an avid multi-species Tournament Kayak Angler from Southwest Nebraska. Along with my wife Jennifer and two children, Drake and Daelyn, who fish the same kayak tournament trails as well. If you see me on the water you can guarantee they are with me competing against some of the best to win their divisions.
I am a 3-time qualifier for The Tournament Of Champions at Lake Fork in Texas as well as qualifying and competing in the 2016 and 2018 Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship.
“Some people chase their dreams. I’m living mine!”
And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.
Andrew Snyder
Andrew Snyder
State: Arizona
Main Target Fish: Basst
Best Record: 8 lb. Basst
Prizes : Qualified KBF 2017 National Championship and top 10 Anglers in the entire statet

I’ve fished my entire life from the time I could walk I fished with my father and then by myself, I’m an accomplished fly fisherman and fly tyer, I’ve fished salt water and Canada throughout my life. So species I’ve caught everything from grouper to muskie as well as everything in between. I’m a comparative kayak bass angler and still fish a minimum of 4 to 5 days a week. I travel to compete as well to surrounding states as much as I can manage. I as well continue to fly fish as the opportunity arises. And I am the KBF Arizona Director and Director of the partner orginazation KBF Arizona Anglers.
Adam Rourke
Adam Rourke
State: New Hampshire
Main Target Fish: Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass
Best Record: 7lb Largemouth Bass
Prizes: 2018 KBF National Championship Qualifier, 2017 KBF The 100 Qualifier.

I have been employed at Southern New Hampshire University for almost 7 years as a product manager. I oversee the development of Undergraduate and Graduate college courses online for almost 100,000 students. This will be my eleventh year bass fishing competitively. I got my start fishing the “big boat” tournaments with a good friend from college, we still fish together to this day. I made the transition to kayak fishing about 8 years ago and I haven’t looked back since. My family and friends will be the first to tell you that I don’t view fishing as a hobby but more of a way of life.
Eric Falkner
Eric Falkner
State: Wisconsin
Main Target Fish: Muskie
Best Record: 50 inch Muskie on 6lb test line
Prizes: The honor of taking fellow Veterans, Military Service-members, First Responders and their families fishing.

I Started fishing at 2 and continue to this day as the Founder of Wisconsin Hero Outdoors where we use fishing and other outdoor activities as a form of alternative therapy for veterans, military members, first responders and their families to reconnect with themselves, family, each other and nature.
Robert Jeffrey Sparks Jr.(Jeff)
Robert Jeffrey Sparks Jr.(Jeff)
State: Ohio
Main Target Fish: primarily for largemouth bass, also walleye and saugeye.
Best Record: 4 lbs 3oz largemouth bass.
Prizes : I have won several 3rd and 4th 2 man team tournaments. We have also won one 1st place and two 2nd place. My team had a bad run and hit an 11th place on a large 50 boat tournament.

I was introduced by my uncle to fishing back when I was maybe 6 or 7 years old. I mostly fish a lot of ponds and local lakes. I enjoy traveling around and spending some extended weekends on the lake and camping with my closest friends and brother.
Jared Dexter
Jared Dexter
State: Ohio
Main Target Fish: Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Catfisht.
Best Record: 6.5 lb Large Mouth Bass.
Prizes : We combied at Southern Ohio Outdoors have won many regional tournamanets across states of Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Tenneessee.

I started fishing when i was around 5 years old with my father, since then I grew more and more intrested in fishing and it has taken me where i am today as a proud pro staff member of fishing sir. When I am not working in the United States Air Force or at the Prison as a corrections officer I am either outside fishing, or hunting.
Justin Lacasse
Justin Lacasse
State: Rhode Island
Main Target Fish: Black Bass.
Best Record: 11 lbs 6 oz.
Prizes: 4 top 3 finishes in Nebassin best was 2nd.3 top 5 finishes in KBF highest 2nd.Currently leading RI in KBF AOY points In the top 100 nationwide in KBF AOY points.

I have been fishing since I could walk and maybe before that. Growing up in Maine the fishing was plentiful as I lived on crooked river. Moved to RI in my teens and continued fishing almost daily. Fished a few big boat tournament opens in the area in my early 20s with my best bag being 27lb. Took a little break as I was starting my family. Now 37 years old with a wife and 5 children I have found a love for kayak bass fishing. Fishingsir godline was introduced to me by Jason Gardner at a KBF event in Maine. I triedit out for about 2 weeks on my jig rod and immediately new it was a great line. No fraying from wood or rock piles. It wasn’t fading like other brands. Since then I have switched all of my reels to godline and use fluropro leaders.
Clayton cross
Clayton cross
State: Iowa
Main Target Fish: bass.
Best Record: 20 inches.
Prizes : Have also won a couple prizes after my first year of tournament fishing, took second place in a tournament at lake macbride and placed fifth in the end of the year championship.

I have had a love of fishing from a very young age and have always wanted to pursue it further. I am currently fishing the iowa kayak angler tournament series and would love to branch out further as I get more experience on the tournament side of things. I am very happy to be a part of the fishingsir team and look forward to seeing where everything takes me!
Colton Posey
Colton Posey
State: Alabama
Main Target Fish: Bass.
Best Record: 9lb 2oz.
Prizes : Won several time slots in Big Bass Bash and several regional tournament wins.

Hello everyone as a professional angler likely ether I’m on the water or focusing on my next tournament, other times I am working on an outdoor show with The Blue Line Outdoorsman.
James Hale
James Hale
State: Kentucky
Main Target Fish: Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass.
Best Record: LMB 4lb 5oz 20”.
Prizes: 2 local kayak tournament wins in 17, 1st place KY-YAK Cave Run Lake tournament 2018.

I have fished since I was a kid, but really began focusing on bass fishing in August of 2017. Purchased my first kayak in September of 17 after hearing about Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF). Won my first two local kayak tournaments in October and was hooked from there. Followed a couple in state kayak series in 2018 were I picked up my 3rd win in the KY-YAK Cave Run Lake event in June. Bass fishing has become a passion of mine. I plan to continue learning and growing as an angler, and chasing a dream of winning a KBF event, and eventually competing in the KBF National Championship.

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