Reward Points - FishingSir
Reward Points


  1. Accumulating points through the amount of your order

    For example, if your order amount is $100, you can get 100 points, and if your order amount is $64.99, you can get 65 points. (100 points = $1, you can deduct directly by cash upon checkout)

  2. New user registration to earn points, each new registration can earn you 50 points
  3. Subscription to earn points, new subscribers can get 50 points
  4. Complete your personal information

    You will receive 500 points every year for your birthday if you provide us with your birthday information. You are only provided with one chance per year to prevent customers from modifying the date.

  5. Registered customers who upload personal photos can earn 100 points
  6. Writing comments to earn points

    1) 100 points for text comments;
    2) 100 points for uploading pictures;
    3) 200 points for uploading videos.

  7. Share to earn points

    You will earn 50 points if you share on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter once. Up to 50 points one day and 100 points one week.

  8. Recommend our website to earn points

    Earn points according to the final order amount of your friends.