Return Policy - FishingSir


In order to provide you with the best quality products as well as the highest level of shopping experience, we are glad to provide you with a refund or an exchange if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase. Please note that the refund or exchange should be made within 30 days of reception.

Extent of Responsibilities:

  1. Buyers who are not completely satisfied with the received item can make a request for a refund or an exchange;
  2. We will bear all the shipping costs if you request for refund or exchange if you receive the wrong item or if there are other errors associated with your shipment;
  3. We will bear all the shipping costs for a refund or exchange request related to the poor quality of your purchase. (“poor quality” refers to any issue with the item’s functionality or if the item is broken or incomplete);
  4. The complete outside package (except for the disposable package), accessories and label tag are required for a refund or exchange. Items that are used, damaged or missing the label tags are not eligible for a refund or exchange as per our rules;
  5. If the item’s poor quality is related to any unauthorized repair, misuse, crash, carelessness, abuse, accident, alteration, incorrect installation and so on cannot be refunded or exchanged per our rules;
  6. If your request for exchange or refund is not related to the quality of your item, you shall bear all the shipping costs;
  7. Requests for refunds or exchanges cannot be executed if you were not contacted by our Customer Service Representatives (hereinafter referred to as “CSR”) in advance;
  8. Requests for refunds or exchanges must be submitted 30 days after receiving your order.


  1. We guarantee that the pictures shown on our site are the actual photos of our items. However, the lamplights and different computer screens may cause chromatic aberration, this will not be judged as poor quality;
  2. Generally speaking, you can only make one request for an exchange or refund per order. To ensure that your rights and interests are met, please contact our CSR;
  3. If your refund is qualified and processed by our CSR, you shall return the special offers or free gifts (if applicable) together with item you want to be refunded;
  4. If the submitted refund or exchange requests is not related to any error from our part (for example, if the item is not of poor quality, if the wrong item was shipped or if the item does not correspond to the description);

    a) You only need to bear the return shipping costs for items that were shipped for free;

    b) You will need to bear the two-way shipping costs for items that carry a shipping fee;

  5. We will bear all the shipping costs associated with both exchanges and returns if your item was damaged during shipping. However, the buyer will be requested to provide a picture of the damaged item to our CSR.

Special Service:

You will enjoy our Quality Guarantee Service for commodities under some certain categories. Categories and warranty periods are listed in the table below:

Category Sub Categories Warranty Period
Fishing Reels All products 6 months
Fishing Rods All products 6 months
Fishing Accessories Lights, Aerators 2 months
  1. If the items are damaged during the warranty period, you can return them to us and we will offer a free repair or exchange. However, you will be responsible for the costs associated with the two-way shipping;
  2. If parts of your item were damaged while under warranty, we can offer a free alternative to you. In this case, you will need to bear the shipping costs for the free alternative.
  3. If you have any concern or problem with your item while it is under warranty, please contact our CSR first.