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Hisea Phone Finder

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Hisea Phone Finder


  • 【SKU】:HFDQ001CP
  • 【Package Quantity】:1
  • 1. One of the world’s best-selling Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Anti-Lost Devices. HISEA STALKER easily loops onto keychains or attaches to anything you don’t want to lose.It's universal for Android/IOS,Samsung Galaxy/iphone/ipad/ipod Touch and other common cell phone. No Unusual,No Nervous.
  • 2. Can't find your keys? Simply press the button on your HISEA STALKER to make your tile ring.Two-Way Anti Lost, the HISEA STALKER has a separation alarm function to alert you if you left something behind. In this case, your smartphone and HISEA STALKER will alert at the same time.No Memory,No Anxiety.
  • 3. When traveling alone,no one helps to take photos/videos for you.Now Here HISEA STALKER fix this problem,anywhere anytime On Call for you.No Pals,No Asking.
  • 4. Slim Tile design makes it easy for you to take around the world.No Heavy,No Burden.
  • 5. GPS location tracker, the App remembers the last time and place it saw your HISEA STALKER, see where you had it last known location on a map. Also, the HISEA STALKER can help you taking family photos as a shutter button for your smartphone camera.
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Color 1
  • 【SKU】:HFDQ001C01
  • 【Package Quantity】:1
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Color 2
  • 【SKU】:HFDQ001C02
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Color 3
  • 【SKU】:HFDQ001C03
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Full Color
  • 【SKU】:HFDQ001
  • 【Package Quantity】:1
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