Facebook Program - FishingSir
Facebook Program
Send us an email ([email protected]) about your Facebook account and suggest how many followers you have;
Our customer service representative will reply back with promotion banner and URL link of our product;
Publish the banner (Refers to sample banner as below) and make sure to add the URL link to your Facebook. (Customized design banner is available if necessary);

Considerable coupon or cash-back would be rewarded according to the traffics or sale your post brought to us. Please see below reward details.

Plan 1 Traffics 500-1500 1501-2500 2501-3500 >3500
Coupon $20 $40 $60 $0.2×traffics
Plan 2 Sale First Order ≤$2000 ≤$4000 >$4000
Cashback 5% 7% 9% 10%