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Rob Blumberg (United States)

"Still hammering them from the same spot I have been for over a week!!! I got 5 largemouth and a smallmouth."

Jared Flakemore (Australia)

"I was just twitching and pausing one of FishingSirs lures and cygnet bream just couldn't help them self. Fished that spot for the next couple of hours for plenty of bream. All on one of the FishingSir lures. Good to see that they are back nice and early. Should be a good summer for them."

Markus Dellen (Germany)

"The baits are already arrived and works great! Thank you very much for the awesome contact and the tricky shipment!"

Conor Davidson (Australia)

"The Lure is nicely made, the hooks are sharp and it moves great through the water. All three soft plastics are of good quality, they had a nice glittering shine to their bodies and they look great just like a little bait fish. We are only just coming into fishing season now on Lake Illawarra so I haven't yet caught a great deal but I did catch this 34cm flathead in Little Lake using the silver and blue soft plastic (which was released)"

Paul Bumpus (Australia)

"Finally got to give these lures a go and went to my usual reef at Trigg Beach. Both Python Skin Casting Spoon, Metal Casting Spoon have :Good casting distance, Good movement in the water, Easy depth control for the shallow waters"

Vladyslav Lishchuk (Canada)

"The reel is amazing!"

Anthony Wood (United Kingdom)

"The Sally Hollow Body Shad Rubber Swim Bait looks very realistic in the water and in the limited time I've had to get out recently I did get a Zander on these but it spat the hook at the net. They are very well made and the tail action is just right to give off enough vibration and movement to attract any predator."

Jordan Ackers (United Kingdom)

"When receiving the lure itself once posted to my address I was more blown away and sold by how natural the paint work and pattern looked before even using the lure. Not only that but the lure size and weight was perfect, the size being 2-1/6″ and the weight also being 3/7oz, perfect and perfect again with my medium lure fishing set up. Once examining the lure again I found the main body of the topwater frog popper to be in perfect proportion, not one single fault or problem at all. Also to top that all off the ultra sharp hooks were as close to the body of the lure as I like them, making the lure 100% weedless and safe from catching onto any plaint growth in its path during retrieves.""

Cameron Cole (Australia)

"Fishingsir lures accounted for all but 1 of the fish I caught. They have a great action and strong hooks, something you need when the big bream decide to play."

Adrian Web (Australia)

"I tested two lures yesterday in the Mersey River which was running pretty high & fast and did manage one brown"

Connor Evans (Australia)

"I would recommend them as they looks so life like in the water, I chose to put it on because the perch were so small they would only bite the tail and not the hook so I was hoping for another trout before it got dark 1st cast and I was on to another brown around 350grms beautiful looking trout. So the Fishingsir lure did it."

Benjamin Martin(United States)

"Really good lure, catching on the first cast!"

Derek Bradfield(Canada)

"Got out after work for some bassing and caught this decent bass and several more. Love the way it feels and casts!"

Jeremy Blencowe(Canada)

"Awesome line, stands up to and exceeds most of the other braided lines out there. Also one of the easiest bird nest untangles I've ever came across. Casting is smooth, and holds up really well in thick weeds. I recommend this to everyone, pros to ones just starting out."

Ginger Schekene(Canada)

"I love it. I've only had it for a cpl mths now but I'm really happy with it. And if you're thinking of switching to braid line try this brand it's awesome line"

Randall McQuaig

"The best braids I ever used."