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About Terminator

Terminator Premium components with a wide selection of design options make Terminator Spinnerbaits the standard by which all others are measured. Recognized by Field & Stream as one of the Top 100 Fishing Lures of All Time, the Terminator Spinnerbait is the perfect imitation of a school of baitfish. Rapala Pro Ott DeFoe knows there isn't a better spinnerbait for bass-he caught a personal best, 30 lb-15 0z. monster with a Terminator tied on.

From the indestructible T-1 Titanium, Thump'r and Twin Spin Spinnerbaits to the S-1 Super Stainless models each incorporates premium components that really make a difference. QuickSkirt fast change silicone skirts easily let you adjust to the ever changing conditions, while SnapBack Titanium technology means you never have to tune these baits. Constructed with premium plated, beveled-edge blades, VMC hooks and pro caliber swivels these baits are so good, Bass Can't Bust'em.