About BKK

BKK Black King Kong, with hundred-year tradition of making fishing hooks.

In 2004, BKK became a subcontract manufacturer for Japanese merchants of branded fishing hooks. In 2006, BKK established its own quality control system. In 2008, BKK became an official OEM for BKK82MN series products of Japanese branded hooks because of its high and stable quality. Exploring technology provided by Japanese merchants, BKK integrated its own expertise and specialized skills of hook-making from Japan, and dramatically improved quality of its products in a few years. With its cutting-edge product quality and front-line manufacturing technology, BKK became the top one in hook-making industry in China. Meanwhile, export volume of BKK also increased largely, with 60% to Japan, 20% to developed countries in Europe and South East Asia.

BKK does not stop at the level of being an OEM manufacturer for world brands; establishing its national brand and exporting to world with made-in-china is the vision of BKK.

Black King Kong of hundred-year, pursuing dream of fishing.

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